The Return of the Redhead

Holy Hannah!  I am finally back to blogging after a very painful recovery from a lumbar spinal fusion.  My mother and I both have spines that did not develop properly as children.  My spine is degenerating at a faster pace than is normal, leading to a laminectomy in November of 2011 to the fusion of the same level my musebox piclast Monday.
They had to go through the front and back, which led to a really nasty looking incision that I will spare you all from posting here.  Last week and this weekend were hell, but I’m seeing the light of day now and am off of narcotics (yay for driving again!) and going to back to work (boo for working again!).
For the next SIX MONTHS, I have to wear the most blindingly white corset-type brace.  If I wear it under my clothes, I look like I’m in my second trimester.  If I wear it over the clothes, I don’t look pregnant but I also invite stares.  I think this season will be the season of cardigans. 
That said, I’ve been sitting around on my butt and playing online.  One of the blogs I follow,, posted about a new beauty box My Musebox.  It looks to be slightly more expensive than my beloved Birchbox, but I am intrigued and am thinking about joining up!  Does anyone else have any experience with My Musebox?  Let me know in the comments, please.
Meanwhile, I will continue healing and working on redoing an old desk of my Grandmother’s into a vanity, which will be difficult as I can’t bend, lift, or twist for quite some time!