Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamel

Avon Urban Splatter AppliedFull disclosure – I am an Avon rep (http://jpfalz.avonrepresentative.com/).  I will review Avon products here from time to time, and they won’t all be glowing.  My intention is to remain straight-up honest.  That said, this review IS glowing. 
I LOVE nail art, but I have some nerve problems in my hands that make it almost impossible for me to draw or paint with a steady hand.  There goes my illustrious career as a neurosurgeon!  There also goes my ability to do anything very cute on my own nails.  Also, I just noticed that my pointer finger is crooked.  Wierd.
What you see in the picture is two coats of Avon Urban Splatter Nail Enamel on my fingers.  No paint, no tiny brushes, no decals – just straight up two coats on my nails.  This particular shade is “Pink Splatter,” and after I had applied it I realized that it made me think of Cherry Blossoms, which made me think of my best friends in D.C., which made me happy every time I looked at it.
The base is very light, so chips weren’t noticeable .  It wore for a long time.  I loved it so much that I have already bought another color.  Urban Splatter comes in Blackout, Pink Splatter, Underground Yellow, Blue Vandalism, Purple Graffiti, and Urban Green.

Cost:  $6.00 from Avon.

Packaging:  Just a little black box with a bottle of nail enamel inside.

Avon Urban Splatter

Scent/Taste:  It smells like any other brand of nail polish.

Bear in Mind:  As you brush the coats on, you’ll find that the brush will deposit most of the decals on the top part of your nail.  It’s very easy to use the brush to “push” the decals around on the surface of your nails so that it’s evenly distributed.  Also, as with any enamel that contains glitter or decals or special effects, it’s a pain to remove.  You’ll have to get out the acetone to remove it.  Some of the decals might end up extending over the top of your nails.  Once they dried, I just trimmed them back.

I Wish:  My D.C. girlies weren’t so far away!

Overall Rating:   

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